Reception 2021

We are delighted that your child is joining our Reception class at Westfield Primary School.


A smooth transition is really important to us and I am sure you will have many questions and thoughts about how this is going to look especially due to the current situation in schools. We want to provide you with as much information as possible and have adapted our transition events accordingly.


We have set up a tab on the website called ‘Reception Induction 2021’ especially for you. Here you will find a selection of photos of our school that you can share with your child, along with information about Breakfast club/Afterschool club, uniform and getting ready for starting school.


We also run a parent app called School Spider, this can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  Once your child starts with us in September, we will email you details to log into the app.  It’s important to stay logged into the app to ensure you receive any messages from school.


The plan at the moment, unless circumstances change, is to offer you a telephone and/or video parent meeting in July. On the 29th June you will receive an email invitation with a date and time for your parent meeting call. During the call, you will be informed of your child’s class teacher and other members of staff who will be working with your child.  We will also provide information about the Early Years curriculum and arrangements for starting our school.


What happens next?

Can you please return in the pre-paid envelope provided-

  • Pupil profile form
  • Completed activity book ‘All about me’
  • Optional - We would welcome you to make a short video message saying ‘hello to us’ that can be emailed back to school


We will try to keep you informed and updated as much as possible so please keeping checking the website regularly. If you feel that you need any additional support or you have any questions, please email the school office and we will respond as soon as possible. Finally we would like to send best wishes to you and your family during these difficult times. Take care and stay safe.


Files to Download

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