Westfield's Book Reviews

National Reading Day


To celebrate National Reading Day, Westfield are holding a challenge that we would love for you all to take part in!


We are asking you to become vloggers! We would like as many video blogs as possible that review your favourite book. All submissions will be posted on our school website, as well as being placed into a whole-school raffle with the chance to win a book voucher!


Your book reviews need to be submitted via Google Classroom and your class teacher will provide you with more information on how to do this.


Once all of your reviews are in, everyone will be able to browse the recommendations and find a potential new book to read! The more book reviews we get, the bigger our 'review library' will be! All book reviews need to be submitted by 3pm on Wednesday 27th January.


What does my book review need to include?

  • The title of the book.

  • The author (and illustrator).

  • Give a brief explanation of what happens in the book. Be careful not to reveal too many spoilers!

  • Give two reasons why your friends should read the book.

  • Conclude by summarising the book in 3 words.


Just in case you don't feel comfortable submitting a video recording, there are three ways that you can submit your book review:

1. Submit a video of yourself giving a review of your favourite book.

2. Send in a voice recording of yourself giving a review of your favourite book.

3. Submit a written book review.


Secret Storyteller

In addition to our book review challenge, on Monday 25th January, at 2pm, every Google Classroom will get a surprise visit from a secret teacher. Your 'secret storyteller' will be sharing a story video with you. Please join in and watch to see whom your class has and which story they have chosen to share!


Helpful websites 

Here is a link to the BBC website with some tips on how to write a book review:



If you would like to explore some more book reviews and listen to some author recommendations, head over to the CBBC Book Club: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/cbbc-book-club 

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