Maple Class Home Learning 12.5.20

Date: 12th May 2020 @ 7:07am

Good morning Maple Class!


Today is 200 years since Florence Nightingale (the lady with the lamp) was born. You probably learned about her in the infants. Since the NHS is so important to us, especially right now, today's writing task is all about Florence Nightinggale. 


Writing Task

Watch the video about Florence Nightingale below 


Your task is to write a short information text about Florence. Why is she so important? What did she do to change hospitals? Try to include some interesting facts such as her unusual pets and the type of activities she would have completed during her home schooling. I'd love to see your work afterwards. 


Reading challenge

Today I have put a space-based chapter of a story on Purple Mash in your '2dos'. There is also a quiz to check your understanding afterwards.


I hope that you are all well and happy. I miss you all but hopefully we will all be back together soon ❤️ and remember, it's ok to not always feel ok.


Mrs H x

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