Computing Subject Leader  Mrs C Havard 
STEM Link Governor  Mr I McIntyre 


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Computing at Westfield Primary School


At Westfield Primary School we aim to deliver a high-quality Computing curriculum in line with the National Curriculum 2014.

Our curriculum is designed to be progressive, building on skills and knowledge in each year group.  Our curriculum nurtures the pupils’ inquisitive minds, encouraging them to ask questions and discover ‘what happens when..?’ It develops their independence in being able to become confident and competent communicators and creative designers and developers.  

The Westfield Computing curriculum is split into three key areas of learning:

  • Computer Science (coding and robotics)

  • Digital Literacy, including staying safe online

  • Information Technology



To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, Westfield Primary Schools uses Knowsley Council's scheme of work in all areas as well as keeping up to date with current safeguarding issues around internet safety using Local Authority advice and national websites such as South West Grid for Learning, thinkyouknow and  In addition, we use a variety of physical robotic resources to develop children’s understanding of Computer Science such as Beebots and Probots.

Children's learning is recorded in individual learning journals using Book Creator in Key Stage 2 and Seesaw in Key Stage 1.

Computing is given a high profile at Westfield Primary School and this is supported by extra provision such as after-school coding clubs where we introduce childrren to websites on which they can further practise safely at home. 



Our Computing curriculum at Westfield Primary School has been carefully crafted and constructed to ensure that we inspire, engage and motivate our children. We aim for all our children to have secured age-related skills and knowledge before they leave Westfield Primary School as well as a passion and enjoyment of computing. This equips them with the ability to take these skills on to the next stage in their education and into the wider world.

To ensure that each pupil is able to secure age-related expectations and above, our Computing curriculum enables our pupils to achieve with a progressive structure of scaffolding and support in lessons. Our most able pupils will progress to developing further questions and investigations of their own through a carefully chosen sequence of lessons and challenges.

Children’s acquisition and development of skills and knowledge in lessons is closely monitored using Westfield’s ‘Computing Progression’ document which allows teachers to assess prior learning and how the specific skills will develop next. In addition, children’s work is held within individual folders within the Purple Mash platform and is accessible to teachers and the Subject Leader here. Using these methods, the impact of Computing lessons can be monitored and additional support or further challenge implemented for individuals as a result.

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