Maple Class home learning 14.5.20

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 10:00pm

Good morning Maple Class and Maple Class families. I hope that you all had a good Wednesday.


I was working from home yesterday whilst trying to get my 8 and 4 year-old to do some learning (the 4 year old is particularly reluctant) but we did manage to get something done when we went down a more creative and sweet-based route!  So I understand if some days the idea of more home learning seems daunting. It’s exactly the same in my house. It’s just important that you stay healthy and as happy as you can (this might not be all the time) and keep your brain ticking over with work when you can. Plus, I love getting your messages and pictures of your work or just getting a quick ‘Hi!’ from you (parents included).


Today’s writing task

Look at the image of storm troopers attached to this blog. When we think about space, lots of us imagine aliens and futuristic vehicles and robots. What do you imagine when you think about space? Describe what you think of when you think of space (You could describe the scene in the picture if you find this tricky).


Remember to use lots of expanded noun phrases and interesting verbs e.g. The vast, dark emptiness of space is all that I can see in front of me. I can see dazzling stars shooting across the pitch-black skies.


Today’s reading challenge:

Read some of one of your books and post your favourite 5 adjectives on the blog.

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