Maple Class Home Learning 21.5.20

Date: 21st May 2020 @ 8:41am

Morning everybody!

I hope that you enjoy today's writing task 😃
Writing task
Today we are going to be answering the main question on this picture:
You read lots about how the architect designed these skyscraper homes to help the environment, but today I want you to think about YOUR dream home. 
If you could live in any home, where would it be and what would it look like? 
What would it have outside and inside it? 
I'd like you to design your dream home - you could draw it in your book or even build it with lego or craft materials and take a photo. Then I would like you to write a paragraph describing it. 
I know that some of you were really excited about this task yesterday when I mentioned it, so enjoy! 
Reading challenge
Find a book or any text and write down 5 different verbs (action words) that you can find on a page. You can send them to me on the blog or write them in your book.
Missing you all and thinking about you all the time. Take care, Mrs H x

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