Maple Class Home Learning 3.6.20

Date: 3rd Jun 2020 @ 7:16am


Good morning Maple Class!


It was lovely to see some of your work yesterday and receive emails from some of your parents. It really is lovely to hear from you and your families!


Today's writing task

Yesterday, I asked you to write a list of all the key workers that you could think of. Today, I would like you to choose one of those key workers and write a thank you letter to them.

Maybe you could thank the people who are still working in shops to keep us all fed, or the doctors for giving up time with their families and putting themselves in danger to look after the most poorly people in hospital. Or one of the many other key workers that have kept everything moving in this country for the past 10 weeks. In our house, we have made posters to thank our post people.

When you write your letter, think about using paragraphs for the following:

  • A paragraph about yourself - who are you? How old are you? What have you been doing during lockdown?
  • What is the job that they do? Describe what you think that they do on a daily basis
  • Why are you particularly thankful to that key worker?


You could either do this letter in your work book or send it to a real key worker!


Missing you all, 


Mrs H x


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