Maple Class Home Learning 5.6.20

Date: 4th Jun 2020 @ 10:21pm

Hello Maple Class and Maple Class families and happy World Environment Day! 

This will be the last daily blog from me as things will be changing a little from next week but there will still be lots to keep your brains busy and more information will be sent out later!


Today's writing task

Read this week's Picture News Newspaper (attached below). 

Why is this drone so important?

Which special honour is Captain Tom going to receive?

The first article is all about a lego bee house. Since today is World Environment Day, I'd like you to think of an invention that would help our environment. It could be some sort of animal shelter or something related to recycling, cleaning up the environment or growing more trees. Anything that would help our environment!

I'd like you to design it in your book and describe it - which materials would you use and why? (lego, cardboard, wood etc) and how is it going to help the environment. Maybe some of you might even have a go at making something! I'd love to see your ideas. 

Have a lovely weekend and take care. 

Mrs H x


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