Maple Home Learning Grid and writing task for 11.5.20

Date: 10th May 2020 @ 11:19pm

Good morning after a long 3 day weekend! I hope that everyone is well and managed to enjoy the beautiful sunshine this weekend. In the Havard house, we ended up putting together a little afternoon tea to join the V.E. Day celebrations in the beautiful sunshine. Let me know in the blog or via email what you and your families got up to.

Today's writing task

Have a look at the attached image and assembly resource, then check out the video link below which shows the satellites last week:

SpaceX satellites

Write a few sentences to answer the question: Who does outer space belong to?

After that, think about the question: Do you agree with the SpaceX project?

List 3 arguments for and 3 against it being a good idea.


Today's reading challenge: This week's Picture News (this can be found, attached below)

Which 'never seen before' footage did the gorilla robot camera capture? What were the gorillas doing?



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