For Maple Class 2019-2020

Date: 22nd Jul 2020 @ 6:45pm

Hi Maple Class! 

Today is the end of a very strange school year. It's had its rocky moments, not to mention a pandemic, which stopped us in our tracks, just as we had fully settled as a class together.

The highlight of my year was definitely coming back to full time teaching to have you as a class! It was a lot of fun and I'm really excited that I'll be teaching lots of you again next year, but I will also miss you, my Year 4s as half of this year was stolen away. 

It feels incomplete as I wasn't able to say goodbye to you as my class, so this is my goodbye. You made great progress in the time that I taught you and I especially enjoyed our 'Breaking Free' dance at Christmas. Thank you for all of the effort that you have put in to home learning, all of the correspondence from parents and most of all for being the wonderful children that you are.

Have a lovely Summer holiday, stay safe and well and see you in September! 😊

Mrs Havard 


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