Maple Class Home Learning 20.5.20

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 9:00am

Good morning everybody! 

Only 2 more days after today until you get a break from schoolwork. I know that Erin and Holly can't wait! 😆
Today's writing task
An Italian architect has designed this skyscraper. It has farms, wildlife and trees built into it to help the environment. Four of them connected together would provide a home for 200,000 people! Read my sentences below. I've forgotten to use capital letters, commas, full stops and speech marks 🙈. Can you rewrite them in your learning books with the correct punctuation and underline the adjectives?
  1. the huge towers will contain farms wildlife and lots of green trees and bushes
  2. the architect wants the towers to reduce poverty pollution and population growth
  3. the creative architect said we need to create a sense of community in our new homes
  4. the towers will sit in the middle of the vast blue ocean
  5. the towers could help protect the environment by taking up less space across the land reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and producing everything that the residents need within the towers
Send me a picture when you've done it if you can. As you know, I love seeing your work!
Reading challenge
Have a look at this National Geographic Kids article about Arctic and Antarctic habitats (homes). 
Which countries and oceans make up the Arctic?
Which countries and oceans make up the Antarctic?
Name 3 animals whose habitat is in the Arctic.


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