Oak Class - Year 6 2023 - 2024

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Mrs McIlroy

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Mr Usher



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Meet the Team:

Mrs Mcilroy - Teacher: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Mr Usher - Teacher: Monday and PPA cover

Mrs Thomson - Teaching Assistant 


What are we reading in Spring 2?

For the start of this half term, we will be finishing reading Arthur and The Golden Rope by Joe Todd Stanton, and writing up our own Norse myths.



Then we will move onto our new Pathways to Write text, Island by Jason Chin. The Year 6 pupils will practise the writing Mastery Keys of : using passive verbs, varying the use of tenses, using a wide range of devices to build cohesion between paragraphs, using organisational and presentational devices to structure text and introduce the use of colons to mark boundaries between independent clauses. Their final writing piece will be their own journalistic report based on an element of Darwin’s journey to the Galápagos Islands.




What are we learning in Spring 2?

In Maths we will continue to follow ‘Maths No Problem’. Our Year 6 units for this half term include: Understanding Averages, Geometry, Negative Numbers and Volume, along with arithmetic and reasoning SATs practise.

In Science lessons, we will continue with our theme of 'Light', learning about how light appears to travel, reflect off surfaces and how shadows are formed in more depth than in previous years. Then we will move onto 'Electricity', learning about how circuits work.

This half term, during RE, the religion that we are studing is Christianity, with our focus question of 'Why do Christians believe Good Friday is good?'

For Humanities, we will finish our History enquiry question, 'Were the vikings raiders, traders or something else?'.

In our PSHE Jigsaw lessons, we will think about how to keep ourselves healthy, also welcoming in visitors for workshops.


Home Reading

Our school aim is to complete at least 5 reading at home sessions each week. We will be monitoring reading at home closely by checking reading diaries each day and changing children’s books once a week, if required. We encourage children to develop their own sense of 'reading for pleasure' and would love to see the texts that children are also reading at home.



For this half term, we will have two lessons of PE throughout the week, which will take place on a Wednesday. As per the PE uniform policy, children are to come dressed in their PE kit on a Wednesday, thinking about the weather that day. Our two PE units this half term include: Rounders and Tag Rugby.



Children will be taught spellings in school, with a focus on applying the rule that is being taught that week.

Online Learning Resources

Our children have access to a range of online resources to aid their learning. Here are the links to some useful websites that children can use whilst not in school, their usernames and passwords can be found in their School Planner.  All children are familiar with how to use these. Clicking on each name will take you to the website.



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Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any further questions:


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